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ZDRAVA ZABAVA, with the help of ŠOUM and ESN, is offering Erasmus students recreation for whole student year or semester. Recreation of basketball, futsal, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, fitness and aerobics for prices that are more than acceptable for students pocket – only 10€ for the whole duration of you being a student in Maribor, though prices for fitness, aerobics and badminton are slightly different.

Besides fitness and aerobics, which are located at BODIFIT centers, all other sports are located at Sports hall Vrbanska, only a 7 minute walk from well known student meeting place of Štuk.

This year we are offering something special – FREE ERASMUS ONLY FRIDAYS – where only Erasmus students will be able to enter the hall and enjoy volleball with fellow students.

Why Fridays? Well, we think that before going out exploring Maribor’s nightlife a bit of recreation might be beneficial. Also, slogan ZDRAVA ZABAVA translates into something similar to “HEALTHY FUN”, “GOOD-FOR-YOU FUN”.

That is why we are inviting you and other Erasmus students to participate in friendly exhibition games of VOLLEYBALL EVERY FRIDAY FROM 6 PM to 8 PM. There will also be a possibility for TABLE TENNIS.


Remember, bring your sports equipment (indoor shoes, appropriate outfit, towel, bottle of water, …)!


For more information visit INFO POINT or write your message to

If you want to participate in any other activity than “Erasmus only Fridays” you need to visit INFO POINT ZDRAVA ZABAVA (Gosposvetska cesta 84, near coffeeshop Trust) and bring with you your student identification or index.